Dear Mother and Father
Do not spoil me
I know perfectly well I am not supposed
To receive
All I am asking for
I am only putting a test on you

Do not be afraid to be strict with me
I'd prefer you to
It makes me feel safe

Do not let me develop bad habits
I only have you to rely on
To stop me

Do not take it too seriously when
I say "I hate you"
It is not you that I hate, but
The power you posess to
Restrict me

Do not be too quick in making fair
I will be very disappointed when
You can't make them come true

Do not make too big demands on
My honesty
It is easy to scare me
To tell lies

Do not make me feel
Smaller than I am
It only gives me the idea to make
Myself bigger than I am

Do not expose me to criticism in
Front of others
I am listening a lot more to your advice
If you speak quietly to me
At home

Do not make me feel as if the mistakes
I make, are a great shame
It confuses the picture of dignity
That I am supposed to build up inside of me

Do not protect me against consequences
Sometimes I do need to learn
Through painful experience

Do not ever think that it is beneith
Your dignity
To apologise to me
An honest "I'm sorry" makes me feel
Warm and devoted to you

Do not tell me off or hassle
If you do, then I have to
Protect myself pretending
I am not listening to you

Do not try to pretend
You never do something wrong
It gives me a great shock
Discovering it is not really true

Do not be alternating and
It confuses me a lot

Do not ever say you do not love me
Even if I sometimes do mean
Things (e.g. act bad)

Do not ever say there is no reason
When I am scared
What scares me is real to me
You are offering me great help if you
Try to understand

Do not forget that I am growing fast
I am sure it is very difficult
To keep track, but
Please try as hard as you can

(Author unknown)