spanTo our English speaking visitors
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I have translated our web site to the best of my ability.
Tekst: Helga Johannessen
Dato: Søndag 22. Mai 2005
To our English speaking visitors.
I have tried to find a free translation motor because we needed to translate our web site from Norwegian - English. I was not able to find such a motor. I therefore decided I would try myself, and started the work translating our web site into English.
I have a dictionary for help, but the dictionary cannot help when it comes to sentence structure.
The translation will be done in my very simple English writing, but it is better than nothing.
If somebody can do this in a better way, feel free.
Almost all links are translated at the moment. I think this is the most important part. As time goes, I will try to make a short translating on the rest.
Best wishes, Helga Johannessen


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