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Dear mother and father

Do not spoil me
I know perfectly well I am not supposed
To receive
All I am asking for
I am only putting a test on you

Do not be afraid to be strict with me
I would prefer you to
It makes me feel safe

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To our English speaking visitors
I have translated our web site to the best of my ability.
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AFAM provides assistance to victims and their parents related to bullying and violence at school.We offer help to self-help, but we are also listening if you need to talk to about the problem.

AFAM also has speakers/lecturers if schools, teachers or parents groups need lectures.

The problems related to bullying and violence are rather comprehensive and we want to illuminate the issue in a constructive manner.

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We are always interested in tips regarding relevant literature, articles, websites etc. You can also make contributions or suggestions to AFAM.  Contact us
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AFAM is politically and religiously independent, but we would still like to quote from King Salomo's (The Book of Proverbs):

Kind words are like drops of honey
Sweet for the soul and healthy for the body.