Anonymous Message Service
AFAM protects your anynonmousity to the extent that we can give such a guarantee on the use of the Internet. We therefore ask you to consider this before you give sensitive information, and remind you of the vulnerability of the Internet as a media.
If you are unsure, it is better to give us a call

How does the Message Service work?
To use the service, you need to register a username and password to protect your questions and messages. This is an anonymous service, and you can choose any username you wish.
AFAM will answer messages according to capacity, which can be read within your anonymous area.

Who has access to my messages?
Only AFAM can read your messages.
Make sure that you log out after using the service, by closing all windows in your web browser.

Remember to close all open windows in your web browser!

This is a safe log-out

What if I forget my password?
This is an anonymous service, and we do not store any information which could be used to provide you with a lost password. If you should forget your password, we do not have any secure way of sending you your password. Make sure to use a password you can easily remember, which is also difficult for other people to guess!